Is it is Turtle for Sale or a Tortoise for Sale?

Which is it?  How do we know if it is a turtle or a tortoise for sale?  Why are you calling that giant Sulcata tortoise a sulcata turtle?  Do you think a turtle grows 150 lbs and lives to be over 100? No! lol but there are many other differences between which is a tortoise and which is a turtle.

Turtle vsTortoiseTortoises and turtles are both reptiles from the order of Testudines, but in different classification families. The major difference between the two is that tortoises dwell on land, while turtles live in the water some or nearly all of the time.

It may sound funny to those whom have experience with both turtles and tortoises but many people actually are still calling tortoises turtles!  Just check googles monthly searches and you will see hundreds of people searching for: sulcata turtles for sale, sulcata turtle for sale, red foot turtle for sale, russian turtles for sale or russian turtle for sale online, greek turtles for sale, leopard turtle for sale, even star turtles for sale online.

NEWS FLASH:  These are not turtles!  They are tortoises for sale and should not be called turtles 🙂

As far as turtles go – we have a huge selection of those as well!

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